It all started with a cold, wet and damp wintery morning that lead to one handyman's path crossing with that of a grumpy Weyrlingmaster. A proposition was offered: help him with a personal task and have a chance to escape the miserable weather! Too good to resist, right? Well, Jastre might have regretted that soon afterwards as M'icha had only just deposited him in some unknown clearing and promptly told the poor man that he'd be going on through the Southern jungles alone (but not really truly alone) from that point on. Best to hurry too, as night was only hours away! But rather than freeze or panic, Jastre forged on and (luckily) survived, arriving at the destination with only a few scratches, bug bites and a wherry he had killed (which Aycheth ate). And what was all that work for? To fetch a crate of… something from a trading station and in exchange — Jastre got a white knot! Now safe back in Fort Weyr, he's joined the other Candidates in the barracks and the numbers steadily increase and perhaps learned a lesson never to trust the Weyrlingmaster when he's grinning and asking for personal favors!