It's been little more than a month since a blue dragon bearing Ista Weyr's colors dropped off a passenger, and promptly left again. That passenger, a fourteen-turn-old boy, was quickly ushered inside and tucked away into the resident's cavern. Rumor has it that the boy is the youngest son of former Istan Weyrleader P'rel, which might explain the behavior exhibited since. No less than five fist fights have broken out since the child's arrival, two of which landed a total of four teenaged boys in the infirmary. The injuries incurred ranged from scrapes and abrasions, to one broken nose and a broken arm. While the boys in question are fairly well known as either bullies or troublemakers, more than a few voices have been raised in protest. Who was next? Where was the weyr leadership? Why haven't they put a stop to this? These questions remain unanswered, but suffice to say the complaints have started to trickle in.