The morning after the clutching festivities found a few early risers all gathered in the living caverns for a quiet breakfast. Talk of predictions and pranks soon came about and while the Weyrleader is known for his great distaste of pranks, it does not mean he does not have a sense of humor. IF that is what it can be called! For not moments into his conversation with Angelique (and after many futile attempts to steal Kimmila's breakfast from under her nose), that he claimed that some commotion with the tithe wagons had occurred out in the bowls! Out was the assistant headwoman rushed… only to discover that it was all a false alarm! She'd been tricked! Right where Velokraeth could curiously inspect her, she was offered a white knot (NOT a joke!) in return for the trouble. Welcomed into Candidacy, Angelique marks just one of many more to come as time goes on and the eggs harden on the sands.