Whoever said Fort Weyr was experiencing a nice quiet spell has just gone and jinxed the region, it seems. It started with Kouzevelth rising after nearly three Turns of speculation if she ever would. Pursued by bronze and browns, including Fort's own Velokraeth and Dremkoth, it was a flight to remember… for injuries. An Istan bronze, then Velokraeth when he was struck by Kouzevelth's whipcord tail. It was the pale bronze that took down Niumdreoth and Dremkoth in the end who claimed and caught the young gold with his clever (or risky!) maneuver. Which means there are eggs on the way and Inri may have quite the large Dragonhealer tab to pick up the following day.

On top of all this, word comes that those wild children have been "released" to the Weyr, with all of them, save Laurali, choosing to stay on at Fort. They will be under supervised chores for some time, making up for all the stores they took, damaged and lost. For the most part, they have been adjusting well with only a few minor mishaps and setbacks. What still remains a mystery is who they were or their parents, how they came to the decision to camp outside the Weyr or what their long term intentions had been. Nothing is being said by the Weyrleadership or anyone involved directly with the youths … it'll be theirs to give and theirs alone.