One early morning led to the unravelling of the mystery of the unusual disappearances of supplies and food that have been baffling the Headwoman and Weyr Staff for several months. It just so happened to be that Zaala was in the right (or wrong) place when she caught sight of three suspicious youths. Following them, they fled when they spotted her but abandoned their latest looting from the storage rooms. Unfortunately they were too swift and Zaala's chase wound up with her a bit lost, slightly roughed up and with only a few clues to go by.

This she passed on to her friend Borodin, who they both then brought to Thunderbird Wingsecond Abigail's and Wingrider K'drozen's attention, which led to a report directly to the Weyrleaders and Weyr Staff. Those few clues were enough to begin a search for what was known as 'camp redfruit' and aided by the small trail of blood and other tell-tale signs the youths, five in all, were successfully found and brought back to the Weyr. Word is is that they were brought directly to the Weyrwoman's ledge, where Dtirae spoke to them all with Zuvaleyuth looming close behind. It'd made for a swift confession, with the youngest of the youths babbling all, including their real names. There was a bit of shocked surprise when the 'leader' of the group was discovered to be none other than Laurali.

Ordered to secluded (and guarded) quarters, it was decided that as punishment they would be given a strict regiment of chores and shadow-tasks to various weyrfolk about the Weyr to make up for the supplies they took. At the end, they will be given the choice to stay in Fort Weyr or move on to the Holds or beyond with a warning that any further mischief or petty crime will not be met so lightly.