Just when things really did seem to be slowing down for the Weyr, it all seemed to pick up again in a gradual progression. It started with the suspicious discrepancies in the Weyr's main storage supplies. After it was determined that it wasn't the young (and previously rebellious) junior weyrwoman Jajenelja's doing, gossip turned to other likely sources though none seemed to stir up any possible lead. Could be a simple mistake, after all!

Or… maybe not? New rumors have sprung up that two youths, a boy and and girl, were found in the storage rooms, their presence discovered by Angelique, Solan and K'drozen. When confronted, their conflicting stories didn't quite mesh but the girl's was credible enough… for the time being. But before more could be discussed, the two fled and the name the girl used to sign out the supplies has proven to be false. With little to no descriptions to go by, no one seems to recall ever seeing this pair of youths before. But honestly, who can keep a complete track of them all? Regardless, precautions are being put in place, including increased Guard patrols in the lower tunnels.

Despite this, Wingrider Kimmila and Senior Weyrwoman Dtirae went on to explore the lesser used tunnels off of the shadow pass. Their searching led them to the crawl space leading into the old and long ago abandoned workshop and it was there that things went wrong. No longer maintained, something triggered a minor cave in that trapped the two riders inside the small room. With Zuvaleyuth and Varmiroth sending up the alarm, it was not long before Weyrleader Th'ero and Weyrsecond D'ani, along with a crew of Minecrafters, stonemasons, S&R volunteers and Healers arrived on the scene. Attempting to dig their way out, the Weyrwoman triggered another small collapse which resulted in her breaking her leg. With the air supply dwindling, by the time the crew broke through, both Dtirae and Kimmila were in rough shape. The Weyrsecond reportedly took it upon himself to bring the Weyrwoman to the infirmary, while Th'ero helped Kimmila out once the bluerider regained consciousness.

Both are now recovering, but the gossip mills are running hot. Are these two incidents related? Mysterious youths, then a "sudden" cave in? Could all be coincidence but some are left to wonder… Nothing is ever "coincidence" in Fort, after all!