As winter settles on Fort, there is still lingering tension in the air. The renegades who injured Harper Rayathess are still at large (and Hazelon's name has been cleared of any wrongdoing), and some are whispering about a repeat of Laris. There does seem to be a shortage of Guards in the Fortian area, with lots of Guard Wanted ads being passed around the caverns for various Holds and Cotholds in the area, and Ezra, Heir to Stonehaven, has been personally recruiting guards for the winter months. The weyr sends riders as it can, and sweeps to the cotholds have been doubled.

Kayeth has not yet begun to show signs of her impending clutch, but she has started eating a lot, which has sent the weyr's best hunting dragons out to the forests so the weyr's own herds are not too much diminished by the Senior queen's growing appetite. Also, preparations for the Weyr Games are still underway, though some whisper if it's wise to hold such a large event with renegades still at large. And was their a rumor of the opening ceremonies being held as a masque party? Is that wise?