Five nights after the attack on Rayathess, Hazelon was apprehended by Wingleader Abigail and carried back to the weyr. Carried isn't much of a stretch either, as witnesses report the teen and ex-drudge looked awful, feverish, pale, and bloody. He was taken to a cell and a Healer was called. Some whisper that Ezra arrived to beat up Hazelon, but Th'ero intervened. Others say that it wasn't nearly that dramatic.

Still, the weyr remains on alert as Hazelon was not the only one involved in this incident. There are still renegades on the loose in Fort's forests and the weyr is not taking that lightly. Riders travel in pairs and Crafters and Holders are encouraged to keep a sharp lookout and not to travel alone, while Fort continues the search and waits for Hazelon to heal enough to provide any information