Some called it a near sevenday long party and others say it was a festival to be remembered, but all know that it was certainly one way to bring in the end of autumn and the start of the winter months. From archery contests (where rumor has it that Wingsecond Abigail beat Wingrider Kimmila in the first heat of that competition!), to feasts and dancing (a lot of both) and plenty to buy or trade in the new Trader and Crafter squares, Fortian's were treated to several days of events that created a long overdue lighthearted and festive atmosphere over the Weyr. There was even a reported mud wrestling contest, which saw Weyrwoman Dtirae pitted against Wingrider Kimmila and Wingsecond Abigail against Weyrleader Th'ero and enough rumors popped up from that, including a few changes in dynamics between the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader and the Weyrsecond D'ani and Dtirae. Surely it's all just festival gossip though? After all, others gossip that concerning Th'ero and Dtirae, the two must have been threatened to work to get along!

The end of the festivities saw a mock Threadfall reenactment above the southern bowl and just as most were turning to the last night of dancing, there was a small disturbance by the entrance tunnel. A few of the bolder holdless youths had managed to sneak from the camps and tried to join in, only to be discovered and turned back but not after a few heated and scathing words were shared between the youths and the Weyrleaders, Guards and others caught to witness the stand off. Word has it that later the Guard Captain was seen increasing the number of patrols, while some food and a few Harpers were seen leaving the Weyr for the camps still set up some distance from the walls. Some entertainment for those still waiting in limbo? Possibly. But folk are beginning to whisper and wonder: how long are they going to stay there? With winter approaching rapidly, they can't remain there much longer. Could they?