Breaking Point

Not even over a month after the Hatching and the winter months have already begun with a bang — a "quiet" one. Word spreads fast in a Weyr, even before the Weyrleaders have a chance to make the news official and for once rumours ring true. There were whisperings that a rider has been exiled… and, perhaps not to everyone's surprise, it was bronzerider Ha'ze who earned such a punishment. Though there's debate whether being temporarily exiled is the worst part of it or being stuck with Jajen with no way out being the true punishment.

Regardless, Th'ero is not denying that he has sent the troubled bronzerider away and welcomes anyone to speak with him on his decision. Many, however, are simply choosing to tread carefully around the Weyrleader now that they've been reminded he does have a breaking point…

Log Reference: Breaking Point

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