Candidates go out on excursions. It's a thing. What isn't usually a thing, is clutch-father Ha'ze deciding to co-opt several candidates to take his place as spies (you know, since his last time he was spying he was CAUGHT and uh, missed an important clutch father event.) See, the candidates were up at the Sea Hold to go explore the docs and have a spot of fun, totally legit. What they learned is slightly disconcerting. Fake knots, whispers about keeping quiet, trades not quite going right, and people in counterfeit outfits. Mix that up with the rumors months ago of missing ships? Something FISH (pun intended) -Y is going on. Ha'ze will probably not be able to do anything more about it, but hey, Candidates, they might decide to do something for the betterment of their new home!

Arm in arm with that, another wrinkle has been added to candidacy! Wingriders are invited to pick up candidates and take them on their duties with him to give the candidates a serious look at what it means to do the work of a rider. Anything to prepare them for impression!