As tension continues to build with the holdless still being housed in the camps outside the Weyr, the first few days of the autumn season start ripe with gossip. There is certainly no shortage and not all of it is tied to such grim news. One rumor started just before lunch one day, with a few whispering how the Weyrleader and his Weyrmate were seen going to the Infirmary not long after D'ani was spotted going in. What was discussed is not the important part either — it's the fact that the young bronzerider is now sporting the Weyrsecond knot pinned to his shoulder! Could it be? Next morning confirms it, D'ani has been promoted up the ranks and he is not the last. For not long after news comes of the new Weyrsecond, there is rumor of a change in the Thunderbird Wing as well! Abigail got more than a meal when she wandered into the living cavern and joined the Weyrleader and his Weyrmate for some food and conversation. After all was said and done, Kimmila had some klah and Abigail had a Wingsecond knot!