A storm was brewing in two senses of the word over Fort Weyr when the call went out for Thunderbird Wing to mobilize with the Guards and any volunteer riders to report. Swift was there a meeting in the council chambers and swifter yet was the Weyrleader seen leaving with a group of Wingriders and Guards. Some whisper there was even a brief stand off between that group and the Stonehaven brothers, but whatever came to pass had the Wings taking aloft to Between and the two brothers left behind. News travelled like fire through the Weyr: Laris' main camp had been found at last!

Barely had a few hours passed when more news came filtering in from hasty reports: the holdless fled the island but were in no shape and held no desire to fight. Some did, but were quickly subdued by the Guard and a few Wingriders. For a time, the news was good and there was a sense of triumph when word came that Laris had fallen. Triumph was mixed with some confusion however as more news came with the Wingriders already returning to the Weyr. Some said the Weyrleader had fallen too and some looked to the abrupt departure of Dtirae and Zuvaleyuth as grim tidings. No dragons keened however, but there was an influx of injured: Fortian and holdless alike, to the infirmary. Some say D'ani, bronze Dremkoth's rider was among the list of injured, but so swiftly was he taken to the care of the Healers that few could comment on his state.

Later, Velokraeth and Varmiroth returned and both Th'ero and Kimmila disappeared to the privacy of the weyr. Word came that there had been a standoff between the Weyrwoman and the bluerider, more disturbingly is the rumor that the Weyrleader had had his knot revoked for a scant handful of minutes before it was returned. Meanwhile, Inri, Thunderbird's Wingleader and the Guard Captain were left with the arduous task in settling the now scared and numerous holdless in a temporary holding-camp at the island site. Back at the Weyr, no word came from the Weyrleader as he remained hidden save for two brief trips to the kitchens and the Infirmary. For what purpose? Few seemed to know, until the following morning when an unconventional meeting was held in Th'ero's main room in his weyr, the bronzerider reluctant (or refusing) to leave. It was a brief meeting between a few Holder representatives and the Weyr Harper, but as the men emerged they could be heard murmuring sympathetic words. Is the Weyrleader ill? Or is it his weyrmate, who also has not been seen nor her blue, Varmiroth?