What started as a foggy and dreary beginning to a summer day in the Weyr soon erupted with mystery and troubling news. A sweeprider returned from his patrols, the blue having barely landed before his rider was seeking out Thunderbird's Wingleader. Bare moments passed and then the Weyr was alive with whispers and alarm: suspicious camps had been found in Fort's territory! Far to the east and along the more coastal regions, between Fort Sea Hold and Hold Gar. Hastily a meeting was organized between Weyr staff and Wingleaders, as well as the Guard Captain and his Officers and minutes later Thunderbird Wing was seen taking to the skies in formation before vanishing Between. No surprise either that the Weyrleader was next to go, followed by his own 'team' that included Varmiroth, Dremkoth, Niumdreoth and two other Wingriders.

They were gone but a short span of hours before Velokraeth and Varmrioth returned, both dragons looking uneasy and agitated. As the day progressed, the others returned as well, along with most of Thunderbird though it was obvious a few Wingriders and Guards were unaccounted for and no doubt left behind to keep a close eye on the discovered camps. Despite the Weyrleadership and Staff keeping to hushed councils, some gossip always manages to leak through. The whispers speak of not just one camp, but a few being found: all deserted and long abandoned, some looking to be no more than temporary things while the one discovered by the sweeprider held some importance. Enough that it was rigged with traps, luckily discovered in time before anyone was injured. There is talk though too that one living thing was found lurking in that camp and of a furred and four legged variety. Why on Pern would they drag a frightened canine back to the Weyr?

No one is certain and there seem to be no answers beyond the obvious. How long ago were those camps made and then abandoned? And are there more? If so where? Does this mean the end of the peaceful quiet the Weyr was so enjoying?