A theft was reported by the lake shore the night that Kouzevelth and Kainaesyth's eggs were clutched, that of green Naisanith's straps. A few members of Haast Wing had been bathing their dragons when someone made off with the set. Brownrider Se'ras sent for a guard, and Sergeant Alister reported to the scene, assisting Naisanith (who proved to have a true interest in guards' investigations) and Tiye in filing a report and trying to figure out what might have happened to their fancy straps. He went so far as to suggest that the pair might have mortal enemies or that the first candidate Searched earlier at the clutching party (the one who was intensely intoxicated, everyone's saying; there is definitely a drunkard in the barracks, though whether he stays one or the other remains to be seen) may have stolen them as a prank.

His attempt to carry the case through to the end was waylaid, however, by Naisanith's assertion that Alister should be the second candidate in those barracks. And the first one who wasn't drunk.