Just after noon, Kouzevelth seemed to come to the conclusion that it was high time she stop carrying this clutch around, and made her way to the sands. The only draconic announcement was made directly to Kainaesyth, followed shortly after by another to Kayeth — all other dragons and humans had to either notice her trip sandsward or catch wind that they were meant to be going to the galleries by way of gossip.

Ten eggs were eventually lain, several of them eggs that settled in unusual angles or had unpleasant textures that left the gold ornery, exhausted and in pain … but Kainaesyth, at least, was able to provide comfort.

The clutching party was presented as a lunch, complete with cocktails and an interesting tiny-light display, and nobody is talking about the young girl who nearly fell to her death out of the galleries. Because that never happened.