Summer approaches and rumours DO come true! Official notice has been sent: Ista Weyr IS hosting the summer Weyr Games, with Fort Weyr being set for the winter Games. What does this mean for both regions? LOTS of preparation, activity and, of course, practice for the competitions! Fort's honour is on the line, after all and already schedules and sign up sheets are being posted or handed around between Riders, Crafters and Weyrfolk alike. For the competitions aren't just for riders! ALL can compete and against every man and woman from around the planet! Who will take home the most glory? Host Ista? Fort? What of Xanadu, Eastern and Western? Or will High Reaches claim dominion (and hold it loftily above Fort's head…), along with Telgar and Benden? Who knows!

Of course, this means busy times. Duties and work will continue on as normal and those seeking to join the Games will have to find the time to balance their priorities to the Weyr and that of pleasure. No doubt the Wingleaders already have their hands full reshuffling Wingrider schedules and there are whispers that the Weyrleader and his weyrmate, Wingrider Kimmila and even Weyrwoman Nyalle have been seen regularly at Ista and at Fort.

… speaking of Th'ero and Kimmila, some may be surprised the bluerider is out at all! She did, after all, just give birth to twins not a few sevendays ago. Yet some can't blame the woman for wanting to escape! The twins, a boy and girl, are safe in the care of their foster family and likely a few wet nurses and nannies.