The Smith's area is usually a pretty safe place. Orderly Aaron keeps things where they ought to be, and apprentices busy and away from mischief. But even he couldn't do much when a pair of children wander into his area, right after a delivery of black blasting powder. (The question remains though- why did Fort need two barrels of the stuff?) As Aaron and Kiena talked, Kyzen, with his fingers kept TO HIMSELF, explored till he was joined by newly-arrived-at-the-weyr niece-to-Mirinda Lianri bringing burn ointment from the infirmary. Somehow the two ended up opening two barrels of black powder, and an unkind wind took care of the rest. Only quick thinking by Aaron got everyone out in time, though the large smith took a hit, and no one in the immediate vicinity is completely unscathed.

Because this is Fort. What else would we do but blow up big areas?