With the Weyr spending most of the spring season water logged and muddied, most weyrfolk still welcomed the warming weather gratefully after such a extended cold (and snow filled!) winter. As the days progressively grow longer and spring edges towards summer, new rumors and gossip begin to drift among weyrfolk, crafters and riders. There are whispers even among the holders, especially those on the eastern facing coasts.

The Weyr Games are returning!

As the rumor goes, Ista Weyr will be hosting the Summer Games with hints that the agreement has it that Fort Weyr hosts the Winter Games. Could this be true? Most seem to think so, what with both Th'ero and Nyalle being seen leaving together for repeated trips to Ista Weyr to meet with Cenlia and T'eo. Now there's been a visit of Ista's transport Wingleader, bluerider B'ky, coming to visit. Simply trade talks (and there's whispers that Ista was interested in… mud, of all things)? Or is there more to this?

No official word yet, but time will tell…