It started as a regular scouting trip, looking for caves suitable for storing feed or providing winter shelter to animals. Alas, Ezra and Lana's trip was cut abruptly short when an avalanche trapped them in the cave.

Candlemarks passed before they were rescued and taken to Stonehaven Cothold, each injured. While Lana returned to Fort Weyr the following day, Ezra is still in Stonehaven, and rumors are flying. Some whisper that Ezra isn't in his right mind, and can't remember anything about his past. Others scoff at that, and say that Ezra is injured, but not that bad. Still others murmur that they heard from a rider whose weyrmate is a Harper who saw a Journeyman visiting Stonehaven with official looking papers. Faranth only knows, as the heir and his brother are still away in the cothold.