The injury count was a bit lower this time than in the past, but as everything that glows is eventually due to rise, Kouzevelth of Fort Weyr finally took to the skies last night just after sunset, when after an uncomfortably longer time than usual proddy the rain finally came. It wasn't just thundering, lightning and pouring, though, this time it was dark.

Battling that darkness were Fort natives Th'ero and Velokraeth, D'ani and Dremkoth, and bronze Kainaesyth without his lifemate Ha'ze in attendance as well as S'dny and Marzoth of Monaco and Wh'ton and Waszth and Z'len and Tisjadath of Ierne. The flight was almost dizzyingly fast but long enough to provide an at least satisfying if not stellar clutch, the injuries were largely limited to an incident with eager Tisjadath having not shaken his straps, and absolutely none of that seemed like even the remotest level of mess compared to what happened at the end: Kainaesyth, the dragon whose rider had gotten into some kind of trouble outside the Weyr and was somehow unable to get himself to the actual physical location of the flight his dragon was participating in, reigned victorious.

And so it was that Kouzevelth and Kainaesyth were Fort's latest clutchparents … but what happened to Ha'ze?