Early one late-winter morning, it's easy for those who spend any time around her to notice a subtle change in Inri, though it's hard exactly to put your finger on it. She just seems a little bit twitchier than normal. Maybe it's still the screwup in supply, though having additional stores staff and Zhirayr not yelling at her anymore means that's probably not still praying on Inri's mind. But by the end of the day, it's much clearer, and the Weyr at large is going to be aware: Kouzevelth, normally a dark-toned dragon who doesn't long settle in one place, can be caught sunning and napping all through the hours and there's a decisive gleam about her hide.

That means a series of things, that over the past eight turns Fort has grown used to: that Kouzevelth will be taking up space in the bowl as often as possible, that Inri is only likely to grow tenser, edgier and more paranoid as time passes, often not wanting to stray far from the Weyrsecond as if D'ani is going to protect her from hidden evils in the Weyr's tunnels, and that there will be an end to it promptly when a good rainfall comes and no sooner.

Fort's goldriders will be staying closely attuned to weather reports in the coming days.