Never say never in Fort and those who said it's 'never' quiet were soon rewarded with grim news: the wreck of a ship was found just off the Tillek peninsula, all crew lost but the cargo within but damaged. What happened? Is this related to the lack of fish over the winter months? And what's this talk of a grisly finding, a severed hand? Surely that's just rumour mongering at it's best! Yet precious little is being said, save for the Weyrleaders' assurance that they're looking into the matter as much as the Weyr can at this point.

In happier news, late one night the dragons began to hum and Candidates were ushered out swiftly as Kayeth and Velokraeth's eggs finally Hatched, leaving the Weyr with ten new Weyrlings: one bronze, one brown, four blue and four green. The Weyrlingmasters will have their hands full, having just graduated some of the more senior Weyrling pairs from prior clutches.