Or is it?

It certainly seems to be the case, anyway. Some kind of late spring cold has begun to affect Fort's residents, though it doesn't seem to move in the ways one might expect a cold to be passed along. While there are candidates in the barracks for Xerosaeth's clutch, only some of those candidates have become ill, with others showing no signs of sickness despite sleeping next to, sharing food with, or otherwise being in close quarters with those who are sniffling and coughing. The only group that for sure have been experiencing more coughs and sneezes than any other class are the miners who have been working in Fort's cave systems near where the recent small quakes have happened. Otherwise it seems fairly random, frustrating the Weyr's Healers (Mirinda has been seen drinking) and making it hard to indicate whether or not the caves are to blame.

At least it seems like a harmless, if annoying condition, and those coughs could be going for months after the rest of it clears up.