On the cusp of winter and spring, with night having just settled over the Weyr and the air chilled and heavy with the promise of a storm, the peace was broken by the rise of many draconic voices in the welcoming hum that could only mean one thing: the eggs were Hatching! At last, the clutch laid by Zuvaleyuth's last leadership flight were rocking and the Weyrlingmaster and the Assistants hurriedly woke the Candidates who had just turned in for a night of sleep. Just in the nick of time too, as not seconds after they arranged themselves on the Sands did the first egg Hatch. All too quick it was over, with ten new pairs now settled into the barracks and one among them is rumored to be the brother of one of the junior weyrwoman. Two bronzes, two browns, three blues and three greens were recorded:

A New Era of Equality Bronze Vzamonth and N'otak
Do What You Must to Survive Bronze Zohenth and M'ao
Not that I Need Any Luck! Brown Zemnenith and Se'ras
Willing to Go to Extremes for Desires Brown Vrekath and Ta'lok
Maintaining the Balance of a Dream Blue Zvetrith and Te'zin
Respect the Instincts of Others Blue Venohenth and R'oh
Return to Claim What is Mine Blue Zhaunikatnith and Y'kone
Ready to Take on the World Green Zratavath and Kara
Show A Little More Backbone Green Vyovioth and Lin
Not a Helpless Little Girl Green Ziasath and Sao