It's been several months since the fall of Gold Hill Hold at the hands of its very own Lord and the heir. With most of the damages still unrepaired to the minor hold and its residence still taking residence largely in Peyton Hold, many wondered when word would come concerning Lord Unvar's and Heir Unevyr's fate.

At last, the official news arrives from Fort Hold and Harper Hall, the last of the trials having wrapped up sevendays ago, but the news kept silenced and hushed as the details were confirmed and put into motion. Both Unvar and Unevyr were stripped of rank and titles and sent, along with others found guilty of being part of the shady dealing and trades, into exile. Where exactly they were transported, it's uncertain, though many remarked that a few select Fortian riders were present, among them the Weyrleader's bronze Velokraeth to oversee the guilty transported away to the unknown location.

But what of Gold Hill Hold? Official news claims that it has now been given to Lady Lleynn and her daughter, Lady Llunva to hold for now, until such time that a marriage can be arranged and the lucky (or unlucky) husband can take on the mantle of Lord of Gold Hill. Some are already whispering and gossiping whether or not the Hold will prosper now or if it's very walls are cursed by the greed of its former rulers.

For others though, there is a sense of relief as the issue is now resolved and closed and the Weyr having formally given it's promise to aid Lady Lleynn and Llunva should they require assistance — though it remains to be seen if the political ties will mend.