Spring is here at last! At least the very beginnings of it. The snows are melting and so is the ice, allowing access once more to the various rivers and lakes within Fort's territory. Fresh caught fish is likely on a few weyrfolks mind's but there's been strict warnings against overfishing and the Guards ready to catch any would-be poachers. There are still rumors about the supposed bad season for ships along the coasts, of spotted wreckage and other ships still missing. Thunderbird has been asked to increase sweeps and many of older Weyrlings have gone out to increase numbers and to gain experience yet so far none of the reports coming in seem all that out of the ordinary.

Which leads many to wonder why there's talk of the Weyrleader going to Tillek and the Seacraft Hall, along with a few others. It surely isn't for a friendly visit, given how cold (or just downright bordering hostile) relations are between Fort and High Reaches!