It was morning when a bubble of excitement might have made itself known to the dragons of Fort Weyr. After a week of making sure every grain of sand was just perfect, Xerosaeth finally laid her clutch there, though each one was quickly covered up by the gold.

Currently, there are seven lumps in the sands, oddly egg shaped. Rumors are they were a rainbow of colors, including one that was said to be yellow. Bets are being taken as to whether that means there's an actual gold egg or not in the clutch.

Dam and sire are both doing well, the gold quite excited about HER clutch. «There's seven. I laid seven! They'll be nice and strong and…. » Excited much? Maaaaybe. Fort will have to excuse Xerosaeth a little.

And now, Search dragons are starting to pull in NPC Candidates to take their places in the barracks, preparing for when the clutch will hatch.