With the Weyr Games concluded and Fort securing second place in only one of the events, life in the Weyr has otherwise been routine. Kayeth has finally gone to the Sands to clutch ten eggs, all of which look healthy and are being doted on protectively by dam and sire. Candidates are once again trickling in, while the influx of Weyrlings from past clutches are being put through their paces by M'icha and his assistants.

Not all is as it seems and though it was noticed more by kitchen workers and lower cavern staff, there is still a noticeable lack of fish or fish based dishes, fresh or preserved. Of course, the lack of preserved anything can be blamed on Inri's misunderstanding with the Weyr's salt supplies and the Weyr isn't lacking in fish oil after an agreement from Keystone's Holder through the Weyrsecond. But where's the actual fish?

You won't find it in Fort Weyr and good luck getting decent trade prices for any fish from the coastal Holds! It seems they're reluctant to part with their own stores, even to local cotholds. Something about 'bad storms' and 'bad seasons', missing ships and lost cargo. Winter is known to be harsh, even in this region.

Surely that's all it is? I mean, unless you believe that drunk sailor ranting in the Gemstone about pirates.