Why, you set traps of course! Truthfully, no actual trap was set but it was by luck (and a poorly hidden trail) that Unevyr was at last cornered in Southern Boll Hold on the wharfs as the disgraced Heir of Gold Hill Hold attempted to barter passage to the Southern Continent. He was confronted by a specific team of Fortian Guards sent to track all possible trails to coastal regions and they just so happened to catch his on their patrols. A very fortunate stroke of luck for those Guards and quite unfortunate for Unevyr, though the man reportedly gave up without a fight and instead attempted to bribe and weasel his way out until he was gagged and then transported to Fort Weyr.

Unevyr did not stay long in Weyr custody though and as soon as it was confirmed that the man was in fact the Heir, he was brought to Fort Hold and word is is currently awaiting questioning and trial, along with his father the once-Lord of Gold Hill Hold. No word has come yet and very little gossip or rumors drift in from the Holds to the Weyr. So it's left (for now) to speculation as to what will happen. Not only to Unvar and Unevyr, but Gold Hill Hold as well!

Back in Fort Weyr, there seems to be only relief from the Weyrleaders and their staff that Unevyr was caught (and unharmed, at that). While not much is gossiped about concerning the Heir, a few are murmuring how they've noticed the Weyrleader in discussion or council with the Guard Captain more often than not, as well as some of the higher ranking Guards. What could that possibly mean? And is it a sign of good news or bad?