With the new Turn rapidly closing in, the Weyr is preparing for the celebration to herald a new start. What better way too than a night of feasting and good company, along with the knowledge that there may soon be a Hatching at hand?

It was a few sevendays prior that Zuvaleyuth finally took to the sands to clutch and just as the Weyrwoman predicted (with much 'I told you so' grumbling), ten eggs now rest hardening on the sands and Search has begun. Candidates are now filling the barracks and wandering about the Weyr and there are already rumors drifting about that a lot more of them are from outside the Weyr rather than within it. There's even one bit of gossip saying that one Candidate is even the brother of one of Fort's goldriders!

But it was just not the talk of clutches, Candidates and Hatchings being talked about, but also Fort's Weyrlings — or rather, Fort's newest Wingriders! Graduated at last with all of them receiving their new full rank knots, the ceremony was a quiet affair. Word has it too that the it took place up near the glacier lake by the mountains, where a new and rather large cottage was built. It now remains open to any who wish to venture out or for any travelling in or out and are in need of shelter. So that explains the disappearance of all the woodcrafters, stone masons and smiths for the last while.

So now that the end of one Turn and the start of a new one is looming, many are beginning to wonder if it will remain calm or if more trouble is close at hand. Time will tell, of course but many have learned that too much quiet never bodes well.