… maybe not so much marching in, but the Candidate barracks are gradually beginning to fill up as Searchriders find likely young men and women for the hardening clutch on the Sands. One has even begun to cause a few collective eye rolls and groans, coming from one of Fort's Holds. A braggart and quite the spoiled brat, he's made his arrival well known and most try their best to avoid him — to no avail. What's worse is he'll turn on the charm for the riders! Not that many fall for it.

And with the arrival of the Candidates, the Excursions begin once more. What can't be done in Fort, some small group of Candidates are escorted beyond the Weyr and to the Crafthalls and other areas of Pern to learn and experience more! What? Did they expect a vacation?

Meanwhile, the rest of the Weyr has settled into routine, back to the quiet that had so many whispering and uneasy before. Just how long will it last this time? Who'll be the next target? No one knows. Best cast your bets well?