Those who have been hanging about Fort's newest temporary brownrider make no bones that he's seemed to be a haunted person. With rare exceptions since his Brown Rinxyth won Thys' Gold Rhenesath he has not deviated from nightly sessions in either the Living Caverns or the Gemstone. By day, either making preparations for the hatching, filling in wing duties or as of late spending actual time on the sands . . by night drinking himself into a state of careful belligerence. Except perhaps Thys, most have found him caustic and disagreeable in these moods at his very best and inflamatory at his worst.

Something … seems to have changed. It might be the eggs on the sands, it might be (some whisper rumors of) tea sessions with the Goldrider herself or it might be something else, but the black mood seems to have lifted. Whatever has ailed the Xanadu Brownrider appears to have lapsed or at the very least, lessened and the nightly vigils over the ever-present black rum have ceased.

Now, with duties of search . . he seems to have a renewed vigour and seems very much a different person. He'll never be cheerful but it seems, Brownrider Ashwin is no longer a haunted person.