Folks may have seen Am'ry and his dreamy blue Beauxth around the Weyr over the course of the last few turns, particularly helping out M'icha in the weyrling training department. Well, as of not very long ago, the help-for-hire has made the transition to Fort Weyr permanent, and is now sporting a shiny new Assistant Weyrlingmaster knot on his shoulder so it's loud and clear whose team he now plays for.

And he's not been wasting any time settling in, either - the bluerider had hardly moved into his new weyr before he came home with an even newer face, one Valeska, carrying a shiny white knot and a puppy. Two puppies, if you count the one Am'ry himself was holding. While Dolphincraft apprentice-turned-candidate Valeska makes the barrack her new home, Am'ry is trying to pawn off a pair of Rubicon River pups to whoever he can sucker into taking them.