Shortly after the incident in the living caverns, the dismissed Jajenelja was to report to the Weyrwoman's office. Now, not many have seen the Weyrwoman in the morning without her mug of klah and it's certainly for good reason! It is said that Dtirae finally, after many Turns, lost it on the young temperamental goldrider and slapped the young woman (those who saw her after the incident can attest that she was sporting a rather red cheek for a short period of time) before demoting her to Weyrling. Additionally, Jajenlja is to report to Dtirae first thing in the morning and is not to leave her side until dismissed.

A few say this was a long time coming, and many more are relieved with the fact that the junior goldrider may finally be learning her lesson. Rebellion is at an all time low with Jaja, and she seems to be knocked off her high horse. Those who see her when away from Dtirae have noted that the girl seems a lot quieter and more reserved. Hopefully, the lesson sticks. It is uncertain when she'll be promoted again.