It was a rather miserable morning when word was heard from the caverns (mostly irritable grumblings) that there was no fresh klah to be had. Had the cooks slacked off that morning? Was there something wrong with the shipments? Some weyrfolk gossip that the Weyrsecond, M'lo was indeed having a conversation with one cook over the matter and not long after that were joined by the Weyrleader, Th'ero and his weyrmate, the Wingrider Kimmila.

None of the riders seemed too thrilled over the words discussed and became only all the more interesting (gossip wise, anyhow) when Jajenelja, the young and still temperamental goldrider, wandered in. A few words were exchanged and then she was seen storming off, flustered while the other riders all took a seat at a nearby table, murmuring to each other until Jajenelja returned with what looked to be a folio of paperwork in hand.

More quiet words and some say the Weyrleader did not look too pleased by the end of things. Jajenelja was dismissed, this time looking right ashamed as she was seen trudging to the offices while the Weyrleader remained with M'lo and Kimmila for most of the morning discussing whatever it was… though many would realize that the Weyr is without klah for most of the day and well into the next day before some Roc Wingriders return with a small shipment.

Did trades go awry somewhere? A bad shipment? Or is this just another case of some bundled paperwork at inexperienced hands? Who knows and gossip runs with various tales as it always does. All that most are relieved to mutter about is that there IS klah and that none of the other stores seem to be suffering or lacking. That is… so far as anyone can tell!