Freedom at Hand?

Amid all the troubled gossip and uneasy news surrounding Fort Weyr and the continued uncertainty surrounding Gold Hill Hold, word of another tradition coming to pass brings some relief and anticipation. What tradition is this? Graduation, of course!

The Weyrlings from Zuvaleyuth and Velokraeth's last clutch have long since moved to their own weyrs and word from the Weyrlingmaster is is that they're more than ready now to face the trials of being full knotted riders and the date is set for the end of the current sevenday.

And at the same time that news of the Weyrlings Graduation is confirmed, some weyrfolk may notice that most of the Weyr's woodcrafters, masons and smithcrafters are gone for a good portion of the day and returning only when the sun dips low on the horizon. Where are they going? Those involved aren't saying much! So time will tell, it seems…

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