It was mid-morning, and both Kassala and Xerosaeth was attempting to find something to satisfy their off sense of taste when the rising sun's rays would fall upon the youngest queen of Fort Weyr. The real reason behind her grumpiness would become obvious - she was no dud! Her hide shimmered and glowed! Within a matter of minutes it would seem, the first herdbeast of many would be taken down before she would rise above the weyr. Such a test of endurance she would put the males through who sought to lay claim to her maiden flight. Xerosaeth would be joined by J'en and Bronze Leketh along with Ila'den and Bronze Teimyrth of Half Moon Bay Weyr, Z'ki and Bronze Jizunoth of Igen Weyr. Fort Weyr's own Lu'ka and Bronze Roth, I'am and Blue Toskavath, and R'hra and Bronze Wiliyeth would also join in the chase.

Quite the slaughter took place down at the feeding pens before Xerosaeth finally rose into the air. There were no attempts at aerobatics, no dodging around spires. It was all about who could keep up with her, who could best her endurance and catch her at the end.

And just who managed to have the staying power in the end? Bronze Wiliyeth would lay claim to the gold's maiden flight. Some say he not only had homefield advantage and help from his blue clutchsib, but insider knowledge, seeing that their riders have been together for so long.

So now, Xerosaeth prepares to take to Fort's sands for her first clutch (NPC). The question now becomes, just what sort of mother will she be?