The Turn was starting out so well. Even those storms looming just before Turnover seemed to be skipping the Fortian coast after all… only to come in later than expected. Fort Weyr itself and most of the outlying inland areas were unaffected, but Southern Boll and any of the holds near to that end of the coast were hit hard. Hard enough that call for aid was sent and Fort’s Thunderbird and volunteer Wings answered.

All went well but one can never predict nature or the outcomes. Whether rider error or just plain bad luck (yeah, right), Weyrsecond No’tak and bronze Vzamoth suffered a terrible injury. Despite the best efforts of the Healers present, No’tak died shortly after and his bronze Betweened.

The Weyr mourned, but they also celebrated. Who’s idea sparked it, no one knows. Perhaps those closest to No’tak knew him best, but even the Weyrleader permitted a cease in most duties for a few days so that as many as possible could celebrate the life and not dwell on the loss. As to who the next Weyrsecond will be? That is undetermined. Th’ero has made no hint of who he will choose next.

Meanwhile, Rhenesath is growing larger with egg every day, while Kayeth continues to brood over her own clutch of hardening eggs. Which should Hatch soon, but will they hatch in time to allow an empty sands for another clutch? And it would seem Thys is making sure there is ample security for both the Sands and the Galleries. Even though it has been Turns since the Gallery fire, it seems not all of Fort has forgotten.