The day began with a warmer than seasonal temperature, with the snow having gathered from previous days beginning to melt and turn the Weyr into a wet and slushy mess. All that changed though as the sun set and night took it's claim of the skies and so did the cold with it. Slush and snow froze, along with the pools of water and as the moons rose, their eerie light gleams brightly over the ice…

…and the pale golden and glowing hide of Zuvaleyuth as the young queen took to a high ledge to survey, sentinel like, over what is hers. Patient to the ebbs of time, she waits for her would-be suitors to gather below her, many a hide of bronze and a few brave and daring browns and once a suitable number has gathered she led them to the feeding grounds. The blooding began and the Weyr was stirred from it's slumber with an impending Leadership flight and just as most of the riders began to rush (and likely stumble on that ice) to the grounds, Zuvaleyuth took wing and all her suitors followed.

She led them long and high into the night sky, foregoing any fancy flying and relying solely on a test of determination and strength. Wit can help too and it does not fail the one who snares and twines with her in the end when Zuvaleyuth's energy begins to flag. Later, many will murmur that there should have been no doubt to the outcome and few will be surprised to see Velokraeth lounging with the gold on her ledge in the weak wintry sunlight.

And so it would seem that Th'ero remains Weyrleader, with Dtirae as Weyrwoman. Amid a time of uncertainty, at least one thing within Fort remains unchanged and many are turning to the news of the upcoming clutch with relief. Something normal, something routine and rather uplifting among all the grim news coming in from the Holds and all the renewed talk of the fugitive Laris who continues to evade capture.