Some time has passed since the conflict with Gold Hill Hold and with little details given, most were left to simply guess as to what occurred and more importantly, why. At last word came in and a full report given to the Weyr. No more hushed gossip and whispered rumors, the truth (or some of it) was finally shared.

The report in from the Holds are that Lord Unvar was found in a hidden storage room, unconscious and robbed of his belongings. Handfuls of marks and other valuables were also missing, but only enough for one man to carry. When Unvar woke up, it did not take the Lord long to confess that he had no idea where his son, the heir Unevyr, had gone off to. As it was the son who robbed him and knocked him out. Unvar also claims to have no knowledge of any shady deals or connections his son may have done or made.

All that is known is that there is now a search for the heir Unevyr, with rumors saying the disgraced man is heading south towards Southern Boll under disguise and a false name. Guards have been dispatched and a few Thunderbird Wingriders have had their shifts modified for extended patrols in all directions across Fort's beholden territories. Both the Holds, Harper Hall and the Weyr wish to catch the man before he can vanish, so that he can face the numerous possible charges against him and also to interrogate him for answers as to who was behind the Gold Hill Hold incident and why.