It's been a while, but it never really stops: Fort Weyr does, after all, have volcanic activity as a mainstay of its location. It doesn't always have much of an impact, and normally feels more like the tiniest, tiny earthquakes than anything else — but there has definitely been an uptick of them lately. And while the shaking and quaking hasn't done much disrupting to anyone except more sensitive runnerbeasts, there are some cracks in the bowl ground that weren't there before.

Not that anyone remembers them appearing at any particular moment. Maybe the entire Weyr was asleep. But they're there.

… and for something a little lighter, after the new fashions have come out of Fort Sea, there has been an increase of people at the Weyr proper wearing asymmetrically cut satin garments. It's an expensive and interesting trend, but not one that's likely to last all that long … or is it? Who wears asymmetrical clothes? Who wears satin sisal in cold weather?