As the season slowly turns to autumn and the weather grows colder and many prepare for the coming winter snows, there is certainly no shortage of work to be done. There is no shortage of gossip or rumors either. Just when one topic seems to crop up, three more appear and many folk are getting a little edgy. Does this bode for a rather tumultuous winter? One as grim as “that one”, three Turns ago?

Some mutter in agreement that it appears so. A few keen eyes have noted how M’icha’s Weyrling group is suspiciously short by a few heads more often than not. So where are these few going for hours on end? Rumors spread that they’re on a search of some kind or in collaboration with Ezra and that still-suspected Rayathess. But on what? No one will say.

The Weyrleadership too seems absent as well more often than late. The Weyrleader can often be seen making his usual early morning rounds before disappearing with Velokraeth and not returning until the late hours of the night. Political visits perhaps? But to which regions? There is a quiet tension going around, even the Wingleaders and Guards are beginning to look a bit grim. Surely there will be word soon on what is going on? There is no mistaking the quiet sense of preparation though — but what for? Does it have something to do with Laris? Have they /finally/ found him or caught on to a clue? Does this mean that the Weyr is quietly rallying together to finally capture the man and those following him?