While some have focused on Gold Hill Hold for their gossip and rumor needs, some weyrfolk keep their ears to a different pulse and they won’t be disappointed! With any conflict like that that erupted at the Hold, there are of course prisoners. Who else would be behind such an awful act? Someone has to be responsible. What is becoming widely known is that most of those responsible that were caught (alive) are sitting in the cells in Peyton Hold. All except for one.

Word has it that this one yielded himself to some of the Weyrlings present to transport some of the refugees and injured out. Then had the gall to demand to speak to the Weyrleader, claiming he had valuable and important information! After a few heated words (or so the gossip goes), the young man revealed himself to be Rayathess Stonehaven. Surely that can’t be, though? A Harper was present though to witness and it was all agreed that the man be brought to Fort Weyr for further questioning.

The morning following, more whispered gossip that a young man was seen being escorted from the cells to an unknown room within the Weyr. And this was after the Weyrleader, his bluerider Weyrmate and one of the Weyrlings were seen going to the cells. So what does it all mean?

It means that the young man is, indeed, who he claims to be: Rayathess Stonehaven, older brother to Ezra Stonehaven, the lone survivor found at the cothold three Turns ago that started it all. So what is the holder doing here? Why was he at Gold Hill Hold when it fell? Where was he for so long, with no word or sign? Can he be trusted or is he a traitor beneath it all? No one can say for sure, as the details to his story are just as locked up and hushed as the details concerning Gold Hill Hold’s future and the whereabouts of that Lord and his heir.