[Fort Weyr] Kessa: it'd make a great Rp scene.. what my SO just did to me. Someone let's a big old fart go and it reaks. yes.. awesome. :P
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: O_o
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: I thought I'd share my pain
[Fort Weyr] M'lo: Add it to pevents!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky opens a window >_>
[Fort Weyr] R'oc cracks up!
[Fort Weyr] Lyana: No, the glorious ones are the silent ones that you try to blame on someone else :P Anyhoo…!
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: he's the type to fart under the blankets and hold me underneath. Yup.
[Fort Weyr] Ely: Lovely. xD
[Fort Weyr] Lyana: Ah, the infamous "dutch oven" :P
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: is that what they call it?
[Fort Weyr] Lyana: Mine's guilty of that sometimes. I love getting my revenge on him. :P
[Fort Weyr] Lyana: yes, it's called a "dutch oven"
[Fort Weyr] Kessa snickers
[Fort Weyr] M'lo cackles, and is guilty of a dutch oven once in a while
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: so rude. XD
[Fort Weyr] B'ky just stares at you all.
[Fort Weyr] R'oc nods it's funny!
[Fort Weyr] Lyana: ain't we just a gas tonight? :P
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: no one light a match tho. hah
[Fort Weyr] Lyana is just a little stinker
[Fort Weyr] Ely just remains silent on the subject. But deadly. Mm. Bad pun.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Terrible, Ely XD
[Fort Weyr] M'lo: Hahaha
[Fort Weyr] Lyana: Well, don't 'toot' your own horn on that one, Ely
[Fort Weyr] Kessa cackles!
[Fort Weyr] M'lo dies
[Fort Weyr] Ely snerks! xD
[Fort Weyr] M'lo: OMG, someone needs to put this on the wiki
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: you just volunteered yourself
[Fort Weyr] B'ky dittos Kessa
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: now whose the stinker? mauah.
[Fort Weyr] Ely: Peer pressure. xD
[Fort Weyr] R'oc grins. "Now you know why I stay quite."XD
[Fort Weyr] M'lo will try to remember to do it
[Fort Weyr] Lyana: Boy, did you ever just get skunked, M'lo :P