This is a long-running, open-ended plot arc!

Plot Summary

In the spring of turn 2710 (otherwise known as the summer of 2016 OOC), the seasonal melt brings disaster. What started out a small rockslide turned into a catastrophic cave-in bringing down parts of the administration complex and the entirety of the wing lounges. Minecrafters brought in to assess damage were not pleased and declared a large portion of the inner caverns of the Weyr unsafe as well: the entire lower caverns were evacuated, the kitchens and Shenanigan's shut down.

Repairs were done, but nothing was considered particularly stable; a few smaller quakes happened and no one felt entirely safe in some of the lower caverns, but things were settling down. And everyone knows about Fort and settling down: it's something you really don't do. Autumn of 2711 brought the collapse of the weyrling barracks, onto Kayeth's current class of weyrlings minus two (Dii and Leia), junior weyrwoman Thys and harper apprentice Taimri, the latter two of whom were there for Leia's turnday party of all things.

Logs and Updates

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