This is a listing of those riders, crafters, and residents currently at Fort Weyr or its territories.

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Wing Badges and Fort Badges created by Elara!

Fort Weyr's Wings

Traditionally, dragonriders were separated into 'fighting' wings to take on Thread when it fell. The dragonriders of old used to be placed into various wings (with the wingleaders recommendations) by strength, stamina, agility, and flaming power. Now, with Thread gone, the only reason to keep the 'wing' system intact is to divide the tasks of daily life to each individual dragonrider. The wings are named now instead of being called after the wingleader in charge. They have become a foundation for economic survival. Dragonriders will usually show interest in one of the wings, realizing that with wing choice their duties will be outlined for them. Wingleaders still provide recommendations and approvals into their wings.

Phoenix Wing

The Phoenix Wing as a whole is responsible for diplomatic relations, general Weyr maintenance and upkeep, overseeing personnel, as well as coordinating various activities which include involvement in the clutches, Candidacy and Hatchings. This Wing also oversees and organizes the ground activities in an emergency.

While generally viewed as ‘one’ wing, it is actually comprised of two halves: the Weyrleader’s Wing and the Queen’s Wing, with each having their more specific duties to follow unless there is an emergency.

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Name Rank Dragon Name Rank Dragon
Inri Senior Weyrwoman Gold Kouzevelth Th'ero Weyrleader Bronze Velokraeth
Nyalle Junior Weyrwoman Gold Kayeth F'inn Weyrsecond Bronze Nymionth
Jajenelja (NPC) Junior Weyrwoman Gold Iaverulth Kimmila Wingsecond Blue Varmiroth
Kassala Junior Weyrwoman Gold Xerosaeth Abigail Wingrider Brown Niumdreoth

Haast Wing

Haast Wing is the joined merger of two of Fort Weyr’s previous Wings: Roc and Simurgh. A joint Transport and Craft Wing, their duties are both separate and yet overlap. With one Wingleader to oversee all of the Wing, there are two Wingseconds for Haast Wing: one for the Transport division and one for the Craft division. Wingriders who are tapped into this wing can choose to either specialize in one division or another or cross train.

Transport entails moving items, often time-sensitive, such as goods, letters and parcels and at times people for the Weyr and nearby Holds. They are often on call for Harper and Healer Hall, as well as Fort Hold. The other half of Haast Wing is the Craft division. Originally known as Simurgh, it was established by S’vitaur during his time as Fort’s Weyrleader to make a nice for riders who wished to continue practicing or studying their Crafts after Impressing and was brought into Haast Wing in Turn 2699 by Weyrleader Th’ero. Any rider who wishes to continue in their Craft do so in this division of Haast Wing, sometimes overseeing certain Transports (i.e. if it’s Healer related or Beastcraft related and needs a Crafter in attendance).

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Name Rank Dragon Craft Rank
Aignes Wingsecond Green Czarduinath Jman Weaver
L'gan Rider Bronze Granaeth Jman TAC
V'sri Rider Bronze Diqth Sr. Apprentice Smith
K'yan Wingrider Brown Khaneth
C'rus Rider Blue Jaicoureth Jman Healer
C'los Rider Green Kaseimarlyeth Jman Baker
J'en Rider Bronze Leketh Jman COC

Thunderbird Wing

Thunderbird, much like Haast and Phoenix, is a Wing comprised of two divisions: Search and Rescue and Policing. It has one Wingleader to oversee all Wing duties, drills and training, but two Wingseconds who overlook and “run” the two divisions. Drills are conducted as a whole, as often this Wing responds as a whole unit to a vast array of situations. It is a very strenuous and physical Wing to be a part of and often times difficult on many levels.

Search and Rescue is responsible for searching for missing persons and conduct regular sweeps of Fort’s coverage area in rotating shifts. They also deal with all manners of rescue work, from avalanches, blizzards, severe storms and firefighting. There are also the rare calls for sea rescue from the holds closer to the coast, such as Fort Sea Hold.

Policing is responsible for investigating crimes, searching for accused and/or escaped persons and the security of the Weyr. They are heavily coordinated with the Guard contingent housed in the Weyr and are often trained with the Guards so that both riders and Guards are comfortable with working in close proximity.

All Wingriders of Thunderbird Wing are trained and expected to continue to attend regular weapons and self defence training. While all riders have a general understanding, because of the potentially hazardous nature of this Wing, they need to remain fit and trained.

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Name Rank Dragon
D'had Wingleader Blue Siebith
A'ster Rider / 2nd Lieutenant Brown Akleteyth
Kaetryn Rider Brown Szorvilkyth
I'am Rider Blue Toskavath
H'tal Rider Green Nadeyuth
K'zre Rider Green Yasminath
S'van Rider Bronze Aedeluth

Coatyl Wing

The Coatyl Wing is the Weyrling training wing. Weyrlings and Weyrlingmaster staff belong to this wing. They are also expected to assist in the ground activities during an emergency.

Further Information: Function

Name Rank Dragon
Marel Weyrlingmaster Brown Isyriath
M'ti Weyrling Green Cherith
Shae Weyrling Green Pzaluth

Unassigned Riders

These riders, for various reasons are within Fort Weyr for extended periods of time but not associated with any particular wing. They can be visitors, dignitaries or simply family of a Fortian rider or resident. They could also consist of riders that have retired or are unassigned for disciplinary reasons.

Name Rank Dragon
K'vir Xanadu Wingrider Bronze Zekath
R'hra Wingrider Bronze Wiliyeth


Name Rank Location
Fioreyla Sr. Apprentice Healer Fort Weyr
Mirinda Weyrhealer (Master) Fort Weyr
Qiaeva Journeyman Harper Fort Weyr
Tyani Journeyman Baker Harper Hall

Weyrfolk & Outlying Areas

Name Rank Location
Ezra Cotholder Stonehaven Cothold
Kriki Resident Fort Weyr
Zhirayr Steward Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr Guards

The purpose of the Guard is to act as soliders to defend the Weyr against Renegade incursion and to act as peacekeepers, much like police officers. A Fort Weyr Guard resource, including details about NPCs, uniforms and more, is located here.


Name Rank Specialization
Kayn Guard