Most of our NPCs are adoptable. To see the list of Adoptable Characters and to add your own, please click this link here to go to the Adoptable Character page: Link. The NPCs listed here are NOT for adoption and are used primarily as cameo characters to fill in for rolls that otherwise have no PC character available.

To add to our lists simply add another line to the table and create your NPC a seperate page, putting the link for the character on this page.


Name Position Dragon Adoptable?
D'iv Roc Wingrider Green Audith No
F'nic Assistant Weyrlingmaster, Coatyl Wing Brown Kith No
Fl'n Haast Wingrider Brown Riderth No
Gr'ant Former Roc Wingleader Bronze Nagmiath No
Jajenelja Jr. Weyrwoman Gold Iaverulth No
L'da Thunderbird Wingrider Blue Enoth No
Nishka Former Thunderbird Wingleader Brown Azath No
Se'ras Haast Wingrider Brown Zemnenith No
Tiye Haast Wingrider / Dragonhealer Green Naisanith No
X'on Roc Wingrider Green Jiveth No


Name Position Adoptable?
Lavarle Watchwher Keeper No
Lycander Former Weyr Steward (Deceased) No
Rickard Head Cook No
Tybalt Weyrbrat No


Name Position Adoptable?
Emray Healer Master No
Daina Harper Master No
Grigoriy Sr. Jman Healer No
Teryn Jr. Jman Vintner Yes
Therist Healer Journeyman Yes
Toncallen Master Beastcrafter No


Name Position Adoptable?
Breshir Guard Captain No
Yarisa First Lieutenant Yes
Aendar Second Lieutenant Yes
Oannis Sergeant Yes
Iarohana Private First Class Yes