A lot of Fort's players like to use real people — generally actors, models and musicians — to represent their characters visually in order to make it easier to form a mental image during RP. This is a list of which faces have been "claimed" by players, so as to avoid repeats. (Note that this list only includes Fort Weyr, and not the rest of PernWorld; it's not a guarantee that you won't have a PB double out there somewhere! Checking +playedby on game will help with that.)

Feel free to add your own in the appropriate section in alphabetical order. While you're free to edit this list with regards to your own characters at any time, we would like to kindly request that you please do not remove or edit any characters that do not belong to you, without permission from either staff or the character's owner.

Fort Weyr

Name Played By
Abigail Jessica Biel
Aignes Alexis Bledel
Am'ry Henry Cavill
A'ster Max Riemelt
Ashwin Rain Dove
C'rus Drew Sarich
Carellos Jensen Ackles
H'tal Tyler Hoechlin
Ha'ze Taylor Lautner
Hedvika Lily Collins
I'rly Tyler Aubrey
Inri Bridget Regan
Sarah Bolger (teen)
kezresan Julian Schratter
Kierdanyu Jessica Pitti
Kimmila Keira Knightley
Leia Cintia Dicker
M'icha Woody Harrelson
Mirinda Gemma Arterton
Shannon Woodward (young)
Nyalle Kristin Kreuk
Phineas Lucky Blue Smith
Reksler Aaron Ashmore
Riohra Adam Cowie
Sephany Amalie Schmidt
Shandrielle Christa B Allen
Syn Natalie Dormer
Th'ero Kit Harrington
Taimri Chloe Moretz
Valeska Lea Manon
V'sri Shawn Ashmore
X'fyr Hiro Mizushima
Zhirayr Aidan Turner

Coverage Area

Name Played By Location
Anrila Dakota Blue Richards Stonehaven Cothold
Ezra Victor Norlander Stonehaven Cothold
Laurali Devery Jacobs Stonehaven Cothold
Rayathess Alex Pettyfer Stonehaven Cothold
Vaistre Katherine McNamara Southern Boll Hold


Name Played By
Jajenelja Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Se'ras Logan Lerman
Tiye Amber Heard