Most of our NPCs are adoptable and are listed here. Most NPCs listed on the actual NPC Page are NOT adoptable and used for purposes such as cameos to scenes. To adopt a character, simply @create on the game and @mail Fort's staff so we can remove the NPC from our lists.

To add to our lists simply add another line to the table and create your NPC a seperate page, putting the link for the character on this page.

Plot Specific Characters

Characters listed here either already have a hook in to Fort Weyr from being NPC'ed in On Camera scenes, are available to be either NPC'ed as temporary Adoptables or Adopted as full PC Characters. Most of these NPCs are run/created by Staff and any questions concerning them can be sent via @mail on game.

For more information, click on their names to be brought to their page!

Name Position Dragon Adoptable?
Lyreh Unknown N/A Yes

Dragon Riders

You're welcome to insta a dragon from any of Fort's NPC clutches or adopt an NPC for a PC clutch within reason; please talk to Staff if you'd like to do so. Remember that instariders must spend 3 months at Ierne.

NPC Clutches:

Other Dragonriders

Name Position Dragon Adoptable?
K'rius Thunderbird Wingrider Brown Kilaneth Yes


Name Position Adoptable?
Koren Gemstone Tavern Owner Yes


Name Position Adoptable?
Bleriand Master Baker Yes
Therist Healer Journeyman Yes


Name Position Adoptable?
Yarisa First Lieutenant Yes
Aendar Second Lieutenant Yes
Oannis Sergeant Yes
Iarohana Private First Class Yes